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Generate Worldwide creates international education programs designed to educate, engage and inspire.

Generate Worldwide is an international education provider. We design and manage leadership, volunteering and study tours for students, organisations, and corporates.

Our tailored leadership, entrepreneurship and volunteering programs are designed by industry and academic experts and delivered in Australia and abroad.

Our experience in tourism, academia and industry means that Generate Worldwide is uniquely positioned to deliver transformational international education programs

About The Team


Siobhán Marsh

General Manager

Siobhán describes herself as a thinker and a doer with a total Type A personality. She loves to dot her i's and cross her t's, which makes her the perfect General Manager for Generate.

Siobhán's relationship with India began when she was just 17-years-old and fresh out of high school when, instead of heading to schoolies, she packed her bags and headed to India where she lived, worked and traveled for six months.

Since that first journey in 2007, Siobhán has passionately and doggedly maintained a relationship with India. This connection has taken many different shapes and forms; she created her own business that supported the traditional arts and crafts of India, she has assisted organisations like Apne Aap Women's Collective and Artisans Effort to promote women's rights, she has assisted CERES Global plan and implement their international programs and organised high school exchanges between schools in Australia and India.

Siobhán loves having the ability to foster a connection with India in all who travel with Generate Worldwide.

In addition to her work with Generate, Siobhán is currently completing a postgraduate degree in International and Community Development.



Erin Watson-Lynn

Founder & Board Member

Erin's passion for traveling is rivaled only by her passion for cooking the perfect curry.

A researcher by trade, an entrepreneur by mistake and a leader by nature, Erin was an Australian delegate to the G20 Youth Summit 2015, G29 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance in China, and won the Federal Government's Policy Hack. Erin has worked at top-tier Australian universities, United Nations ESCAP in New Delhi, and as a consultant. 

Traveling to South Asia for the first time in 2011, Erin did not expect her two-week trek through the Nepalese Himalayas to be life-changing. Since then, she has designed, managed and led short-term international education programs in partnership with Australian universities, independent schools and leading youth organisations. 

Erin is a popular writer and speaker, having published with the Lowy Institute of International Policy, Women's Agenda. Erin now sits on the board of Generate while pursuing her work in international relations and foreign affairs.


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