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Uni student? You may be eligible for academic credit when you join one of our programs.

Are you a current Australian university student? You may be eligible for academic credit for participation in our programs. Generate program participants who are earning Academic Credit through their university may also be eligible for a government assistance loan (the OS-HELP) of up to $7,500 to cover their program fees and travel costs.

What is OS-HELP?

OS-HELP is an interest free loan from the Australian Government, available to undergraduate and postgraduate university students who plan on undertaking a portion of their study overseas. The maximum loan amount is $7,500 (for programs in Asia- for all others the max. loan is $6,500), which can be used to cover expenses such as airfares, accommodation and other travel/study costs. The loan goes onto your accumulated FEE-HELP debt. More information, including eligibility details can be found here.

How do you apply?

You will need to apply for OS-HELP through the Study Abroad office at your own university. Each university has their own application and selection processes. Some may require that you sit for an interview. When it comes to short term study (such as the Young Leaders Program), you may need to provide supporting evidence that you are indeed earning credits. Generate Worldwide can provide necessary documentation upon request.

Important Information

  • The final amount you can borrow will be determined by your university, but the minimum is $1000 and the maximum is $7,500. You can request an amount on your application form. 

  • If your application is successful, the amount is paid directly to you. 

  • Full information on OS-HELP can be downloaded here.

  • Most universities award the loans in six month period, based on the semester of enrollment in the topic. Make sure you check the cut off dates with your own university so you don’t miss out!

  • You may also wish to check with the Study Abroad office if you are entitled to any other form of travel funding or scholarship.


Academic Outcomes for Past Participants 

Siobhan in Delhi 2010.jpg

Student 1

Undergraduate Degree in Law

Content to come. 

Siobhan in Delhi 2010.jpg

Student 2

Undergraduate Degree in Science

Content to come. 

Siobhan in Delhi 2010.jpg

Student 3

Postgraduate Degree in Int'l Development

Content to come.