Mary Tupou - the first few days at WeBuild Bangalore

Mary Tupou - the first few days at WeBuild Bangalore

So we set off to venture off to India with mixed emotions feeling somewhat anxious but still extremely excited it was time to let go and just go for it. 

Upon arriving in Bangalore the customs department was interesting, considering we had to take finger prints. 

First stop outside of the airport was chai spot and boy that hit the spot, it was definitely delicious and proved to be quite popular amongst the locals... 

Driving to Vedike was interesting especially for one who has never witnessed traffic and driving like this, it was somewhat exciting and really kept you entertained. The drive was long but it was nice to really get you warmed up to what's installed next. 

So we entered Vedike and it was so peaceful and green, to your left you could see a lovely yellow building which houses the young boys and to your right you saw a block of maroon buildings which would be home for the next two weeks. 

Today we would begin the build and definitely not what we expected. Considering the limited resources on the site the workers are very versatile with what they are given and it works. With the foundation ready to go, the building commenced. There were people split Into areas throughout the site and forming some seriously impressive production lines where trays that are similar to woks would contain cement in them and that's what was used to pour onto the layers of bricks being laid. 

The building was successful for day one but it was time to call it a day. So after tools were down we merge then greeted and welcomed by our Vedike boys where they sang their anthem and performed some traditional dances that were really good to watch.

So far you can pretty much say our time here has been great and definitely an experience I have never experience before. It's really
touching and reassuring that the work you will put in over the next two weeks will change the lives of young girls who may not have had this opportunity before. 

This program is amazing and the lives that are being touched nd changed now is a true testament  to why programs such as GCSD and WeBuild are necessary. 

All in all absolutely loving India, the children, the food, the culture and the new friendships that have been formed with our American friends - ohhh and I can't forget the limited access to Internet which has definitely played a huge role in people simply enjoying the beauty of this country and really enjoying the experience for what it is.