Matthew Scott - Young Leaders 2016

Old Delhi

When coming to India, I was told that there would be a clash of cultures and that our senses would be heightened. Well, they certainly were today as we toured the city with the Salaam Baalak Trust and visited the Kingdom of Dreams. At one end of the ay we saw a home for street children, led around by rehabilitated street child, Ejaz. This for me was inspirational seeing how the children were given a second chance, yet also how Ejaz reconciled his life with his family where his father was trying to put pressure on him to be something he didn't want to be. Juxtaposed with that, at the end of the day we visited the Kingdom of Dreams to see the Bollywood show, the Fastest Feet. This blew me away at how this theater complex appeared out of nowhere. Thinking back to the start of the day where we were walking the streets, this was a complete change to my Indian expectations. The theater was amazing, the technical aspects and lighting in the show were also mesmerising. People suspended from the roof, the colour and enthusiasm portrayed by the actors involved changed me perceptions of the theatre experience. The storyline of the theatre show was also interesting, as we saw the clash of Western and traditional Indian culture. Particularly the part in the show where the screens divided showing both Western and Indian acts in the storyline. An experience trying the Aloo Chat was the only sour note for me of the day, as it tasted absolutely disgusting. But, that's what travelling is all about; trying new things.