Sorcha Finnen-Evans - Young Leaders 2016

Today started with a sleep in which is always a bonus when recovering from jet lag! There was a definite boost in morale at the breakfast Table over Partha this morning on our way to our entrepreneurial mindset workshop on the rooftop! Entrepreneurial mindset was something I hadn't given much thought too before today. Our understanding as a group encompassed words such as innovation, self motivated, risk taker, disruptive, strategic thinker and someone who gets shit done! After our workshop we headed to Old Delhi via the metro which we had been told is a hugely crowded place full of wonderful adventures.

Old Delhi Tour


We went to wedding street where the locals shop for all of the necessities for an Indian wedding and then walked through the streets full of people looking at all the vibrant colours. Following this we then had a visit to a local jeweller which I think we all fell in love with. We spent hours here drinking chai and spending way more money than we had all anticipated! This incredible shop had been there for seven generations of the jewellers family and you could tell the love he had for the business!

After our shopping spree we had worked up an appetite so naturally decided that parathas were the best option! We ate at the best little side shop in Old Delhi and the food was so incredibly good! It was a really big day today, full of people and noise and craziness but overall it was a great day and I think after a good sleep we will all be set for tomorrow's adventures!